Persatuan Arborist Malaysia (PArM) is an association with dedicated members in tree care and management field especially, in urban landscape area. The Code of Ethics for arborist is a guidance for PArM members to conduct the arboriculture tasks professionally and serving as a principle guidance and reference for arborists in support of their day-to-day decision making. It is meant to define the association’s mission, good values  and principles, linking them with principles of professional conduct and industry standards. It also serves as an important tool with clients and customers which help to maintain consistency in performing the arborist duties professionally, competent, trustful, respectfully and serving the community with excellent.

The Code of Ethics offers an opportunity for PArM to continue building a positive public image, which increases confidence and trust in the certification program and the profession.

Being a member of PArM, every individual is responsible towards the association and community to uphold and commit to below :

1. To be in compliance with the highest integrity and honesty to provide inspiration towards public trust and confidence.

2. To avoid conflict of interests which shall decrease the professional status of the members.

3. To always upgrade self-knowledge with updated viable knowledge and technology in arboriculture and best management practices in arborist profession.

4. To always strive for excellent professionally, efficiency and fairness.

5. To be efficient, effective and responsible fiscal.

6. To encourage free sharing knowledge within members.

7. To report to the association, in a timely manner, any members that their personal conduct that may violate any provision of the Code of Ethics.