Categories of PArM Membership

Membership Information

Membership in PArM shall provide many benefits to its members. It provides saving on money value for association’s merchandise purchase and having a good marketing on your services and being listed as to verify your credential status by others and your future clients. It will help keep you up-to-date on the latest industry news and practices. It connects you to a network of other Certified Arborists (CA) and arboriculture professionals for you to work with and learn from.

Joining PArM serves you as an individual by advancing your career, but it also serves the profession on a global level by promoting proper tree care and research to consumers around the world. Being a PArM member, you can feel good knowing that you are helping yourself and making the world a better place, one tree at a time.

The society’s membership is open to all Malaysian citizens and those who resides in Malaysia aged 18 years and above,

The membership is categorized as follows :

  1. Professional Member
  2. Ordinary Member
  3. Corporate Member
  4. Veteran Member
  5. Lifetime Member
  6. Student Member

Membership Fee Schedule 3 (1)


Membership Application 

To apply for PArM Membership, Click here to  DOWNLOAD HERE


PArM’s Membership Benefits : 

Members of PArM enjoy the following benefits :

1. Be a part of a professional national organization of Malaysia.

2. Receive PArM’s membership card and certificate on yearly renewal.

3. Attend PArM Annual General Meetings (AGM).

4. Participate in the voting process at the said meetings (refer above).

5. Receive technical knowledge and latest information on Arboriculture.

6. Participate (by invitation) in the development of Arboriculture standards and guidelines in designated working groups and closed door discussions.

7. Participate in the PArM training programs and events (such as workshops, seminars and conferences) at special member’s rates.

8. Exclusive access to materials of the PArM events and meetings and other web-based services at the member’s zone of the PArM website.

9. Purchase PArM’s merchandise and education materials at special member’s rates.

1) Professional Member :
Open to all individuals actively engaged in the arboriculture field including scientist, researcher, manager or administrator and anyone interested in planting or preserving trees. Applicant must possess atleast experience of five (5) years in arboriculture or related field.

2) Ordinary Member :
Individuals who are interested in tree management.

3) Corporate Member :
Open to all private commercial firms and organizations with three (3) nominees who interested to uphold and support PArM’s goals, visions, objectives and welfares of PArM and intends to make contributions. 

4) Veteran Member :
Open to all members who have been retired (55 years) and has been a professional for ten (10) years previously with good performance and reputations. 

5) Lifetime Member :
Open to all Ordinary Members who made payment of lump sum RM1,000.00 for once in a lifetime.

6) Student Member :
Limited to full-time students who are studying for at least two (2) years in arboriculture, urban forestry, forestry, landscape architecture, botanical science and agriculture in recognized institutions at entry level certificate or higher level education

Every application for the membership must have an application form filled together with payment made for registration fee and annual membership fee for a year and must be proposed and supported by one current valid member. To qualify for PArM student membership, the applicant must submit a copy of his/her students’s card. 

The application must be sent to PArM Secretary and shall be presented to council and committee for approval. Each approved applicant shall made their registration fee and their first year of annual fee as imposed and stated in PArM membership rates and eligible to receive benefits as a member.

All members are advised to be an ISA member to International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)