Asia Pacific Tree Climbing Championship (APTCC) 2019

We are very honoured to be invited to participate in this year’s Asia –Pacific Tree Climbing Championship in New Zealand which will be held on 5 – 7 April 2019 at Botanic Gardens, Christchurch.

All the best to our Malaysian Climbers;
• Ahmad Zubair bin Othman (PArM – 308)
• Muhamad Nur Hafizi bin Abu Yazid (PArM – 309)

Make us proud! #malaysiatreeclimbers

This location was chosen for the Malaysia and PArM flags handing over ceremony as it has its own significance.

Standing at 68m, this monument makes a commanding sight. It rises majestically from a 25-hectare park in Precinct 2, Putrajaya. Constructed of solid metal, this monument is uniquely shaped like an obelisk with etchings denoting important milestones and periods in the nation’s history. At night, it serves as a beacon with lights projected at 360 degrees. It is visible from various locations in Putrajaya.

As one walks up along the wide walkway to the Monument, the information that’s engraved on the plates of the structure can be seen. They provide a macro overview of the country’s history starting from the Malacca Sultanate, the stories of local leaders who rose to fight for the independence of the country, the technological advancement of the country has achieved among others in the automobile industry, the transportation system of the country and other mega projects undertaken by the Government of Malaysia. The success stories of Malaysia embedded here are a reminder to the younger generation of the sacrifices that the leaders of the country have made.
With the backdrop of magnificent rain trees, this is where the first tree climbing course from the 2016 Arboriculture Seminar hosted by Putrajaya Corporation was conducted. PArM is proud to send participants to compete in this year’s prestigious Asia-Pacific tree climbing event in Christchurch. Via the participation it is hoped that it would be an impetus towards a certification program of Certified Tree Worker in Malaysia.

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